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Congratulations on the newest member of your family!!!
We are so excited to have the opportunity to capture these first memories for you.


What is a Lifestyle newborn session?
A lifestyle newborn session differs from a studio or “posed” session in that they focus on the relationship between family members rather than getting the baby into un-natural posed positions or everyone looking and smiling at the camera. My lifestyle newborn sessions (or any family session for that matter) are laid-back and relaxed. Unlike a traditional session that requires the baby to be in a very deep sleep; the lifestyle session is more flexible in that Mom or Dad will be holding the newborn for most of the session. If baby does happen to fall asleep, we can still get some of those cute posed positions in a more natural setting such as baby’s crib.

I spent several years doing the posed sessions before transitioning into the lifestyle sessions which better fit into my philosophy of “turning moments into memories”. I do not focus on props and poses, but more on you, your baby and their growing connection to their family and environment. I strive to capture moments of this new time in your life. The nursery you worked so hard on, a closet full of teeny tiny clothes, baby bottles, toys, rattles, a stack of handmade blankets, sitting in your glider chair nursing, burping your baby right up on your shoulder… these are all thing exclusive to newborns and so easily forgotten once this time has passed.

When should newborn photos be taken?
I try to photograph all newborns in the first 7-10 days after they are born. During this time, they are still very flexible and sleepy. At 10-14 days of age, newborn acne and cradle cap tend to flare. Newborn sessions typically last about 2 hours. This allows plenty of time for feeding and comforting your baby. All newborn sessions are booked during the week unless you have a special request for the weekend.








Where will we shoot?
All of my sessions are shot on location, either in your own home or, in the warmer months, on outdoor location of your choice. In home, sessions tend to be in the nursery, master bedroom, family room or other brightly lit room. Do not worry about what your house looks like…you just got home from the hospital with a new baby!! Once I arrive, we can move any items that will distract from the session. All you need to do to get ready is open the blinds and/or curtains to let in as much light as possible. You may also want to consider turning up the heat (or the air down). Babies tend to be more relaxed and comfortable when they are warm. As a general rule, if I am sweating, they are happy!!

What can I do to prepare for my session?
Please keep in mind that baby’s are actually teeny tiny people and not props! Their behavior is unpredictable and each one is different. I do not worry about a baby that is crying, needs a new diaper or is hungry, so neither should you! I do recommend trying to keep your baby awake for an hour or two before our session and feed them just as I am arriving. This will give us the best chance of them being happy and content! It’s important to understand that even with the best planning, every session is unique. You are not able to predict how your little one will act/feel/be on any given day. Keep in mind that babies are very good at picking up emotion and if you are worried or stressed, they are likely to be as well. With a lifestyle session, you main job is to just “do what you do”. Just be a Mom (or Dad, or sister or brother or Grandparent…). 


What should my husband / siblings / other family members and I wear?
Unlike family sessions, when shooting newborns I recommend keeping it simple. Big patterns or bright colors can make a newborn look “lost”. It’s still OK to try and coordinate colors or very simple patterns (small stripes or polka-dots) with all family members. I also love the look of skin on skin. For a Mom this may mean a tank or bandeau top. For Dad’s, maybe shirtless if they are comfortable with it.

What about certain props or poses?
I only shoot lifestyle sessions. This means no studio backdrops or un-natural poses and minimal use of props. If you are dead set on having a posed session with props, I can recommend a few local photographers for you. I will still work into each session individual pictures of your baby along with some detail shots (fingers and toes, tiny eyelashes, cute little nose). I also love incorporating items that have special meaning to you such as a family quilt or handmade baby blanket. As for props, I have a few solid color blankets/wraps and some simple headbands for girls. If you want to use these, just ask! I am always open to any ideas or suggestions you have.

**Our Newborn Session includes the photographers time, talent and travel, a password protected online proof gallery, and professional editing/retouching of images. Digital and print packages are available. Contact us for more information. Newborn Session Fee $300

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