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What to Wear for Family Photos – Spring Edition 01 {Northern Virginia Family Photographer}

Let’s face it, having family portraits taken is an extra expenditure that a lot of families think they simply can’t afford. In their minds, they start adding up the session fees, the prints, and of course the clothing they will have to purchase beforehand so everyone can match.

But here’s the thing… you NEED to have your photos taken together as a family. Life is short and unpredictable and it goes by so very quickly that before you know it your children have all grown up and moved away, and nothing is left at home but memories of a time gone by.

It’s my job as a photographer to make sure you have photos to help conjure up those memories; to bring them to life. I am telling you though, what you don’t need is to spend a lot of money…and you certainly don’t need to match. You just need to be yourself! You don’t need to spend a fortune. The ultimate goal is to look put together and cohesive.

I want you to understand that everyone does not need to match. As a matter of fact, everyone does not even need to be wearing the same color. You should, however, stick to the same saturation. In other words, if one person wears pastels, everyone should wear pastels. If you choose to go with brighter, more saturated colors – everyone needs to wear those types of colors.

In a nutshell, Mom, pick out your very favorite outfit – the one you feel spectacular in. Then, go to your husband’s side of the closet and find something that would coordinate with your outfit. After that, head to the kids’ closets and do the same for them. Once you have all your outfits picked out, lay them all out on the bed at the same time to see what they look like. 9 times out of 10 everything will look spectacular together. For that one time that it doesn’t really go, now you can head out to the store for that polo shirt that will tie it all together.

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